Camp Lejeune Job Fair

Marston Pavilion

730 Seth Williams Blvd

Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Camp Lejeune Job Fair

July 18, 2019 11:00 AM July 18, 2019 3:00 PM

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    • * $795 special for local public safety organizations
    • * $995 special for US Government Entities

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Payment Information

Additional Representatives Policy

Your booth purchase includes representatives. The attendance of any additional representatives will require a $50 fee per additional representative which will allow us to provide the appropriate accommodations for the number of recruiters that attend the event on behalf of your organization. If your organization has any additional representatives show up on the day of the event without paying the fee in advance, you will be invoiced $50 for each representative, on the day of the event.

Cancellation Policy

RecruitMilitary does not offer refunds. If an exhibitor is unable to attend a Veteran Opportunity Expo (“Expo”) for which it has already registered, RecruitMilitary will make every effort to allow the exhibitor to attend a future Expo, provided the exhibitor attends the Expo within twelve months of the Invoice Date. However, to qualify, RecruitMilitary must receive a cancellation request at least ten business days' prior to the date of the Expo for which you were registered. Unpaid invoices must be paid whether or not the exhibitor attends the event for which it originally registered. Cancellation requests must be sent via e-mail to, and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. If a cancellation request is received fewer than ten business days before the Expo, or if the exhibitor does not show up at the Expo at all, then that exhibitor will not be entitled to transfer its registration to a new Expo.

At a Veteran Job Fair, you can begin the selection process with what is normally one of the final stages of a face-to-face meeting with the candidate. We present these events in cooperation with leading corporations, news media, industry associations, veterans organizations, and government agencies. All Veteran Job Fairs take place in major military markets. To attract job candidates to the fairs, we promote the events intensively to our huge database of registered candidates, and we run display ads in major newspapers in the areas where they will take place.

Why Hire Veterans?

If you are not familiar with hiring veterans, we would like to share three reasons why military personnel will make great employees for your organization:

  • Well-trained. Veterans possess skills that are critical for an organization to succeed. They are trained to be mission-oriented and to work as a team. They possess critical skills for organizational success including discipline, responsibility, respect, and unparalleled work ethic.
  • Skills that overlap. Veterans have been trained in specific skills that greatly overlap civilian work. Whether driving an 18-wheel tractor-trailer or leading an organization in an executive position, the military provides people with the training to be successful in trades, as well as the experience and conditioning required for management positions.
  • Diverse backgrounds. The military employs a highly diverse workforce. Approximately 45% of our candidates are women and/or ethnic minorities, enabling you to connect with skilled and diverse candidates through our events.

Facility Access Information

Camp Lejeune requires a pre-approved "Access Roster" with individual representative information be submitted by RecruitMilitary NO LATER THAN 5:00pm FRIDAY, June 14, 2019. ALL attendees from every company in attendance MUST be approved for base access prior to attending the job fair.

To submit your information to be securely added to the base access roster click HERE.

If you do not have a military ID and have not submitted your information for the access roster by the deadline of June 14, 2019, you must request a pass at the Visitor's Center (Building 818 adjacent to the Main Gate). EXTRA TIME SHOULD BE ALLOWED FOR THIS PROCESS.
Those who have been pre-approved will receive their Special Event pass from a staff member at the Main Gate.

Educational Entities – Per base policy, NO Educator entities may participate in this event.

Acceptable Access Documentation
All exhibitors must possess the following item(s) or you will not be allowed access to the military installation or the Job Fair:

  1. You must present the following: Military Identification Card (Active, Reserve/Guard, Retiree ID); or Civilian/Contractor CAC Card) OR Non-military photo ID.
  2. Current and compliant current driver’s license. See the following link for states with compliant licenses: REAL ID STATES.
  3. Current automobile registration or rental car contract.
  4. Current proof of automobile insurance or rental car contract.
  5. If your driver’s license, passport or other identification has expired or is no longer valid you "WILL NOT" be allowed to enter the post.
  6. As part of security measures on a military installation your vehicle may be subject to inspection. This is part of the security measures against any terrorist threats. Please cooperate with security and their mission.

(NOTE: All military installations and facilities reserve the right to refuse admittance to any installation or military facility. RecruitMilitary is not responsible for local installation policies and cannot grant access or override installation policies.)

Marston Pavilion

Get driving directions to Marston Pavilion

Venue Information

  • The Job Fair will take place at Marston Pavilion in the Tinian and Betio rooms. Enter through main entrance.

  • Client Representatives should arrive for set up between 9:00am and 10:30am. The Job Fair begins at 11:00am.

  • Coffee will be served beginning at 9:00am in an area of Marston Pavilion and will be marked with RecruitMilitary signage.

  • Lunch will be served from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

  • Clients requiring access to electric should contact RecruitMilitary in advance to make payment and should bring their own power strip and extension cords. Without prior notification and payment, there is no guarantee electric will be provided.

  • As is the case at most military installations, Wi-Fi can be spotty. RecruitMilitary will have hotspots in the event space, but consistent access cannot be guaranteed. Exhibitors who require constant access are encouraged to bring their own hotspot.

Shipping Instructions

Due to the event being held on a military installation, there are no shipment options to the venue.

We encourage clients to ship materials into their hotel or a local UPS store.

Parking Information

From MCAS Cherry Point
Get onto US-70 E
Turn right onto Tom Mann Road
Merge onto Masontown Road
Turn right onto Nine Foot Road
Turn left onto 9 Mile Road
Turn right onto Route 24 West
Continue on Route 24 West to the Main Gate
For those who submitted their info for base access by deadline of June 14, 2019, a staff member will be at the gate with individual approved Special Event Passes.

See directions From the Main Gate to the Marston Pavilion below.

From the North
Take I-95 South
Take Exit 81B (Wilmington/Clinton) to Route I-40 East
Take Exit 364 to Route 24
Turn left on Route 24 East
Merge onto I-10 East via the exit on the left toward Beaumont
Continue on Route 24 East to the Main Gate

See directions From the Main Gate to the Marston Pavilion below.

From the South
Take I-95 North
Take Exit 81B (Wilmington/Clinton) to Route I-40 East
Take Exit 364 to Route 24
Turn left onto Route 24 East
Continue on Route 24 East to the Main Gate

See directions From the Main Gate to the Marston Pavilion below

From the Main Gate to the Marston Pavilion
For those who submitted their info for base access by deadline of June 14, 2019, a staff member will be at the gate with individual approved Special Event Passes.
For those who did not submit their info by June 14, 2019, please allow additional time to process in at the Visitor Center.

From Main Gate, yield right onto Brewster Boulevard
At the next light, turn left on Stone Street
At the end of the road, turn left on Seth Williams Boulevard
Marston Pavilion will be on the right.
Parking lot will be directly in front of the venue.

The Hire More Heroes Act is misguided. There is no veterans’ unemployment crisis.

“Americans may be shocked to learn that there is no veterans’ unemployment crisis. The unemployment rate in 2014 for post-9/11 veterans was 7.2 percent, the lowest level in seven years of tracking these veterans. ”

What Government Should Actually Do To Support Veterans' Employment

“The latest crisis at the Department of Veterans Affairs has called into question again the proper role of government in the care of our veterans. Whereas healthcare is clearly in shambles, veterans’ employment is another realm in which well-meaning government involvement has been inefficient at best and ineffective or counterproductive at worst. ”

Employment and Returning Veterans

“Peter Gudmundsson talked about the availability of jobs for returning service members.”

Beyond Altruism

“Among the fondest memories Peter Gudmundsson ’85 has of his three years as an active-duty U.S. Marine officer was the time in 1987 when, off the coast of Vietnam, he stood on the deck of a U.S. Navy ship looking up at the Soviet planes flying overhead. What was particularly memorable, he says, was not the plane flying overhead, but the reaction of the men in his platoon”

Money For Lunch

“Money for Lunch host Bert Martinez interviewed Peter Gudmundsson. Discussed veteran hiring.”

Helping veterans overcome job search challenges

“Mike Rollins is featured on America Now. Recently, America Now visited a RecruitMilitary job fair held at the Hurst Conference Center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ”

TN veterans face tough battle to find employment

“By Naomi Snyder Terry Pack was an aircraft mechanic serving in the Army in Iraq, spending two of the last six years in combat overseas. Now that he's done his service for the country, he can't even get a job doing oil changes at Sears. "It's tough,'' said the unemployed Clarksville veteran, who was honorably discharged in January. "I've been looking for any job." A congressional hea...”

Veterans and Jobs

“Matt Murphy, RecruitMilitary's Senior VP of Business Development and Sales is a guest on Washington Journal to talk about a recent report that shows the jobless rate for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is over eleven percent. He talks about connecting employers, educational institutions, and franchisors to veterans because of their character, skills and training, diversity, and securi...”

When attendees registered for the Camp Lejeune Job Fair, we asked them to let us know what fields they are interested in. The table below is a breakdown of those interests.

Interest Attendee Count Percentage
Government 7 87%
Logistics / Transportation / Warehouse 6 75%
Management/Supervision 6 75%
Business / Strategic Management 6 75%
Project / Program Management 5 62%
Manufacturing / Operations 4 50%
Human Resources 4 50%
Quality Assurance / Safety 2 25%
Sales / Business Development 2 25%
Accounting / Finance / Insurance 2 25%
Administrative / Clerical 2 25%
Education / Training 2 25%
Maintenance / Installation / Repair 1 12%
IT / Software Development 1 12%
Editorial / Writing 1 12%
Marketing / Product Management 1 12%
Medical / Health 1 12%
Aviation / Aerospace 1 12%
Banking / Real Estate / Mortgage 1 12%
Construction / Trades 1 12%
Biotech / R&D / Science 1 12%
Law Enforcement / Security 1 12%
Creative / Design 1 12%
Field Service 1 12%
Electronics 1 12%
Food Services / Hospitality 1 12%
Engineering 1 12%
RecruitMilitary is excited to produce our inaugural veteran recruiting event in Camp Lejeune. We look forward to having you join us and help make the event a great success for area veterans and companies.

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