Pittsburgh Veterans Job Fair

This event took place on March 23, 2023 at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Veterans Job Fair Coming To Heinz Field

“ Joe Bertagna and Brian Hankinson stop by to talk about an upcoming job fair specifically tailored to military veterans.”

All Veterans Career Fair aims to connect employers and job seekers

“PITTSBURGH —Making the transition from military service to civilian life is not easy. And unemployment for veterans can be a stressor for the men and women who have served their country so courageously. Now, companies like RecruitMilitary are working to connect employers and educational institutions with job seekers with military backgrounds.”

The Hire More Heroes Act is misguided. There is no veterans’ unemployment crisis.

“Americans may be shocked to learn that there is no veterans’ unemployment crisis. The unemployment rate in 2014 for post-9/11 veterans was 7.2 percent, the lowest level in seven years of tracking these veterans. ”

What Government Should Actually Do To Support Veterans' Employment

“The latest crisis at the Department of Veterans Affairs has called into question again the proper role of government in the care of our veterans. Whereas healthcare is clearly in shambles, veterans’ employment is another realm in which well-meaning government involvement has been inefficient at best and ineffective or counterproductive at worst. ”

Employment and Returning Veterans

“Peter Gudmundsson talked about the availability of jobs for returning service members.”

Beyond Altruism

“Among the fondest memories Peter Gudmundsson ’85 has of his three years as an active-duty U.S. Marine officer was the time in 1987 when, off the coast of Vietnam, he stood on the deck of a U.S. Navy ship looking up at the Soviet planes flying overhead. What was particularly memorable, he says, was not the plane flying overhead, but the reaction of the men in his platoon”

Money For Lunch

“Money for Lunch host Bert Martinez interviewed Peter Gudmundsson. Discussed veteran hiring.”

Helping veterans overcome job search challenges

“Mike Rollins is featured on America Now. Recently, America Now visited a RecruitMilitary job fair held at the Hurst Conference Center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ”

TN veterans face tough battle to find employment

“By Naomi Snyder Terry Pack was an aircraft mechanic serving in the Army in Iraq, spending two of the last six years in combat overseas. Now that he's done his service for the country, he can't even get a job doing oil changes at Sears. "It's tough,'' said the unemployed Clarksville veteran, who was honorably discharged in January. "I've been looking for any job." A congressional hea...”

Veterans and Jobs

“Matt Murphy, RecruitMilitary's Senior VP of Business Development and Sales is a guest on Washington Journal to talk about a recent report that shows the jobless rate for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is over eleven percent. He talks about connecting employers, educational institutions, and franchisors to veterans because of their character, skills and training, diversity, and securi...”

When attendees registered for the Pittsburgh Veterans Job Fair, we asked them to let us know what fields they are interested in. The table below is a breakdown of those interests.

Interest Attendee Count Percentage
Government 100 44%
Management/Supervision 93 40%
Project / Program Management 76 33%
Business / Strategic Management 74 32%
Education / Training 59 25%
Quality Assurance / Safety 58 25%
Administrative / Clerical 55 24%
Law Enforcement / Security 55 24%
Human Resources 55 24%
Logistics / Transportation / Warehouse 54 23%
Sales / Business Development 50 22%
Manufacturing / Operations 45 19%
Construction / Trades 45 19%
Banking / Real Estate / Mortgage 41 18%
Customer Support / Client Care 40 17%
Maintenance / Installation / Repair 38 16%
Field Service 36 15%
Accounting / Finance / Insurance 34 14%
Marketing / Product Management 33 14%
Other 31 13%
Medical / Health 30 13%
IT / Software Development 30 13%
Electronics 26 11%
Engineering 25 11%
Aviation / Aerospace 24 10%
Part-time 23 10%
Creative / Design 23 10%
Legal 22 9%
Biotech / R&D / Science 19 8%
Food Services / Hospitality 18 7%
Editorial / Writing 17 7%
Retail 13 5%

Who Attended?

Hired on the spot!
Pittsburgh Career Fair - Marine E-4
This event is one that almost all candidates come to with a prepared resume. That doesn't happen everywhere.
Pittsburgh -- Energy & Utilities recruiter
You will not want to miss this job fair. It is professionally done and they have a name that you can trust.
Pittsburgh -- Non-profit recruiter
I got more work done finding a job during the hour and a half I spent at this job fair than in the last 2 years of searching for a job.
Pittsburgh -- Navy E-4
I will tell all my friends how positive this event was and the great opportunities that exist for job seekers.
Pittsburgh -- Air Force E-4
RM representatives work hard to place the right candidates in front of your booth.
Pittsburgh -- Energy & Utilities recruiter
You will not want to miss the DAV RecruitMilitary Job Fair.
Pittsburgh -- Non-profit recruiter
A wide variety of positions were available. Well worth the effort to attend.
Pittsburgh -- Navy E-5
The job fair was well organized, well presented, and had a very good mix of different companies and different industries.
Pittsburgh -- Air Force E-4

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