Jacksonville All Veterans Job Fair

EverBank Field

1 EverBank Field Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Jacksonville All Veterans Job Fair

December 1, 2016 11:00 AM December 1, 2016 3:00 PM

Don’t miss the 10:15 seminar “Who We Are & What We Do”, presented by DAV & BlueLine Rental. In this session, you’ll learn how DAV may assist you now or in the future, and how their partner, BlueLine Rental provides an excellent career choice for veterans. Learn more and register for the seminar at rmvets.com/DAVBLJACK.

Veteran and Spouse Registration

Our events average over 50 exhibitors, and the list is not final until the day of the event. Check back regularly for additions.

Featured Exhibitors

  • DAV
  • BlueLine Rental
  • G4S Secure Solutions (USA),Inc.
  • General Electric Company
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
  • The Home Depot


  • Airstreams Renewables, Inc.
  • Argosy University
  • Combined Insurance
  • DeVry University
  • Education Corporation Of America
  • First Command Financial Planning
  • Heavy Construction Academy
  • Heavy Equipment College of Georgia
  • LeaderQuest
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Massey Services, Inc.
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
  • Regions Financial Corporation
  • Roadmaster Drivers School
  • Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
  • Strategic Systems Programs
  • The Prudential Insurance Company of America
  • Veteran Franchise Center
  • WellStar Health Systems

EverBank Field

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EverBank Field Information

The event will take place in the Touchdown Club East - on the lower level of the East Club, which is on the second level. Follow RecruitMilitary signs to the event space.

Parking Information

FREE parking is available in lot C. Enter the building through the East gate and through the front doors of the East Touchdown Club.

Here's What Veterans Want in Their Civilian Careers

“Savvy employers know that military veterans often hold the solution to their continuing struggle to attract and retain high-quality talent. They understand that military-experienced personnel possess skills, attitudes and abilities beyond those of most people who have not served. Thus, veterans can add disproportionate value to any team or organization.”

The Hire More Heroes Act is misguided. There is no veterans’ unemployment crisis.

“Americans may be shocked to learn that there is no veterans’ unemployment crisis. The unemployment rate in 2014 for post-9/11 veterans was 7.2 percent, the lowest level in seven years of tracking these veterans. ”

What Government Should Actually Do To Support Veterans' Employment

“The latest crisis at the Department of Veterans Affairs has called into question again the proper role of government in the care of our veterans. Whereas healthcare is clearly in shambles, veterans’ employment is another realm in which well-meaning government involvement has been inefficient at best and ineffective or counterproductive at worst. ”

Employment and Returning Veterans

“Peter Gudmundsson talked about the availability of jobs for returning service members.”

Beyond Altruism

“Among the fondest memories Peter Gudmundsson ’85 has of his three years as an active-duty U.S. Marine officer was the time in 1987 when, off the coast of Vietnam, he stood on the deck of a U.S. Navy ship looking up at the Soviet planes flying overhead. What was particularly memorable, he says, was not the plane flying overhead, but the reaction of the men in his platoon”

Money For Lunch

“Money for Lunch host Bert Martinez interviewed Peter Gudmundsson. Discussed veteran hiring.”

Helping veterans overcome job search challenges

“Mike Rollins is featured on America Now. Recently, America Now visited a RecruitMilitary job fair held at the Hurst Conference Center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ”

Big name employers attend veteran job fair

“WJXT-TV CH 4 - RecruitMilitary held a veteran job fair Thursday to help Jacksonville's former service members get back into the civilian workforce.”

Job fair for military veterans today.

“A job fair for military veterans and their spouses will be held at EverBank Field on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. More than 40 veteran-friendly employers will be there, including Vistakon, Gate Petroleum, L-3 Communications, McDonald's and Western-Southern Life. ”

TN veterans face tough battle to find employment

“By Naomi Snyder Terry Pack was an aircraft mechanic serving in the Army in Iraq, spending two of the last six years in combat overseas. Now that he's done his service for the country, he can't even get a job doing oil changes at Sears. "It's tough,'' said the unemployed Clarksville veteran, who was honorably discharged in January. "I've been looking for any job." A congressional hea...”

Veterans and Jobs

“Matt Murphy, RecruitMilitary's Senior VP of Business Development and Sales is a guest on Washington Journal to talk about a recent report that shows the jobless rate for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is over eleven percent. He talks about connecting employers, educational institutions, and franchisors to veterans because of their character, skills and training, diversity, and securi...”

Common Questions

  1. What is a RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expo?

    A RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expo is an event where transitioning military, veterans, and their spouses can meet with recruiters from dozens of companies. These events are free for attendees. To learn more, watch this video from one of our expos in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  2. Who are the exhibitors?

    RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expos are enhanced job fairs or career fairs with four kinds of exhibitors.

    1. Employers
    2. Franchisors
    3. Educational institutions
    4. Veterans associations and service agencies
  3. What if my only interest is getting a job?

    Even if you are not here to discuss continuing education, we recommend that you talk with the education recruiters.

    • Today’s institutions deliver learning opportunities in many ways other than traditional, full-time, daytime classes on a campus. So a few minutes of conversation may lead to an unexpected continuing-education solution that is right for you.
    • In addition, most of the institutions at our Expos are also large employers and might have job openings at a campus near you.
    • We have similar advice for job seekers who have not been thinking of going into business for themselves. Franchise opportunities are available in a tremendous variety of fields. Financing may be easier than you think, with surprising discounts for veterans.
  4. Are the employers actually hiring?

    Yes, and they have a number of different priorities and requirements. As a result, their recruiters interact with job seekers in a variety of ways.

    • Some recruiters have “hot fills,” job openings that they need to fill immediately. If you happen to qualify for a hot fill, the recruiter may take you to a separate area for a one-on-one interview.
    • Other recruiters are looking for transitioning and veteran military to apply for jobs that are almost always open. That kind of recruiter might ask for a paper résumé and/or give you a business card and ask you to call.
    • Some recruiters have positions that are not available right now, but will be opening up soon. These employers want to identify candidates and get them in the pipeline now so they can fill those positions as soon as possible when they receive hiring approval.
  5. Why don’t all employers accept paper résumés?

    A federal regulation called the OFCCP Internet Applicant Rule tells certain government contractors how to gather and retain job applications via the Internet. Because of the Rule, many contractors require that applicants use their online systems and not submit paper résumés.

    • OFCCP is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, an agency of the United States Department of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration. The OFCCP enforces laws prohibiting employment discrimination by federal contractors.
    • Some employers that are not bound by the Rule do not accept paper résumés simply because they have put their entire application process on the Internet. One great advantage to applicants is that large employers can easily route the online résumés of desirable applicants to the appropriate divisions, offices, plants, etc.
  6. If they won’t take my résumé, shouldn’t I have stayed home and registered online?

    There is great value in the time you spend talking to recruiters, even if you can’t hand them your résumé.

    • You have a great chance to make an outstanding personal impression. A person who presents himself/herself extremely well at a booth may even get an interview for a job opening that is not on the recruiter’s list.
    • You have a chance to learn about the recruiters’ companies and their job opportunities.
    • You have a chance to network with the recruiters. You can ask a recruiter what it’s like to work at his/her company, and how best to navigate the company’s application process. You can ask the recruiter to take down your name and phone number or email address, and ask for his/her business card so that you can follow up.
  7. What if the employers are in industries that don’t interest me?

    An employer’s primary industry or company name does not necessarily indicate what openings the company is trying to fill.

    • A drugstore chain may be recruiting for positions in transportation and distribution.
    • A brewery may be recruiting for jobs in information technology.
  8. What time should I arrive?

    Feel free to try and arrive a little early to get near the front of the registration line, or you can choose to arrive a few hours after the event starts and avoid the crowd.

If you have a question that is not answered here, email us at support@recruitmilitary.com.

RecruitMilitary has held 23 events in Jacksonville, drawing 9,811 attendees and 754 exhibitors.

Who’s Registered?

An excellent opportunity that should not be missed. Very thoroughly planned. Most importantly for me was knowing the companies that would be there and having the time to research them if I was unfamiliar with them.
Jacksonville Expo Attendee
The expo was very beneficial. There were a lot of top companies there. This was my 1st job expo and I loved it. It’s a great way to network. I would recommend others take full advantage of the opportunity. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and thanks to the employers who attended.
Jacksonville Expo Attendee
The RecruitMilitary Expo in Jacksonville provides a positive energy and spirit of support and success to military vets entering in workplace. The vendors and vets are always upbeat, encouraging, and inspirational!
Jacksonville Expo Attendee
I received a hot tip from this event- if you get only one hot tip for a lead on a job, it will be well worth coming!
Jacksonville Expo Attendee
It is a place where a job seeker can feel comfortable talking to potential employers. This was my first time, and I am a spouse of a Veteran and had my husband come with me. He was glad he did.
Jacksonville Expo Attendee
The venue, communication and quality of candidates was superior to other events we have attended this year.
Recruiter, Banking Industry, past Jacksonville Exhibitor
We were very pleased with this event and the quality of the candidates we saw. Better turn out than in many other job fairs we have attended. Very well organized. Overall our experience was GREAT!
Recruiter, Banking Industry, past Jacksonville Exhibitor
This was a great event with a lot of transitioning military who still have their clearance—which is the preference for most of the positions that we hire for.
Recruiter, IT Staffing Industry, past Jacksonville Exhibitor
This event was well organized and coordinated. I was impressed that we had current & former military from as far away as Orlando & Savannah
Regional Manager, Financial Industry, past Jacksonville Exhibitor
Well organized, targeted towards all varieties of veterans and not just transitioning military.
Recruiter, Oil & Gas Industry, past Jacksonville Exhibitor
It was outstanding! Cannot get any better.
Navy Veteran, E3, past Jacksonville Attendee
It was my first job expo, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was impressed with the turnout and the variety of exhibitors that were there. I walked away with a couple of great possible jobs and an interview which I’m looking forward to! Can’t wait for the next expo!
Coast Guard, E4, past Jacksonville Attendee
Most outstanding job fair I attended. The people working the booths respected my military service and approached me with energy and a “What are you looking for” “How can we help” approach. Very uplifting and professional!
Navy Veteran, E6, past Jacksonville Attendee
The exhibitors were friendly and informative. My husband left there with a great job offer and will be working in less than four weeks after the event.
Air Force Veteran Spouse, E7, past Jacksonville Attendee
This was my first expo and I’m sure when I first got there I looked lost and not sure where to begin. There were several exhibitors that extended a hand to talk to me which helped me to begin feeling a bit more comfortable. Also, I liked that there were people guiding us on where exactly to go to check in.
Navy Veteran, E6, past Jacksonville Attendee
Very well organized and GREAT support from the staff. I look forward to every event. They get better every quarter.
Recruiter, Retail Industry, June 2013 Jacksonville Expo
Well organized. Top name draws in good candidates. First rate experience.
Recuiter, Transportation & Logistics Industy, June 2013 Jacksonville Expo
Excellent event! I lost my job last week but because of this event, it looks like I may be back to work as early as in a few weeks, plus getting free training!
March 2014 - Veteran Job Seeker, Army National Guard - E6
Great event. Great leads!!
Commercial Real Estate Recruiter, 3/27/2014 Jacksonville Career Fair
9 interviews scheduled already!
Construction Recruiter, 3/27/2014 Jacksonville Career Fair
Recruit Military is very impressive when it comes to recruiting. I have had 2 very promising interviews a result of RecruitMilitary staff.
3/27/2014 Jacksonville Career Fair job seeker -- Navy O-3
I received a job that very day!
1/30/14 OKC Career Fair -- Army E-6
Four of the people I spoke with today could come work for me tomorrow! Great event!
August 2014 Employer -- Financial Services recruiter
Do your research and dress for the occasion. Bring at least two different resumes, one which targets the job you are trying to land. The other should be a more broad based, generic one highlighting all of the jobs skills you have.
Nov 2014 Attendee -- Navy E-7
The recurring role of "talk to everyone" is extremely important and should be embraced by each job seeker. Please continue to stress the importance of networking, not only with the recruiters but with fellow job seekers to increase the likeliness of finding a hidden opportunity.
1-15-15 San Antonio Career Fair attendee (Army O-3)
Exhibitor Registration